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Fiction, Film, Advertising / Commercials, Documentary, TV programs

There are many music ideas for your productions, all free edition, that mean,
you can also earn money from the music of your projects. How ? Contact Us.

Now, many online catalogs, offer music by various composers at competitive prices ..
We offer you Our music for free. in free music catalog department.
Or, we offer custom pieces at competitive prices
Look in to Catalog, choose and Contact Us.

An idea to approach the media producers

with a choice of fast music that best suits their needs.
The music has a strategic importance in all the productions.
The choice can sometimes be difficult, everyone has their
own taste in music.
Often for reasons of time is not heard in the manner and
at the right moment or give at the same company
the responsability of the final result.
Here, you can choose tracks for your project, sitting comfortably
at home or in the office.
The Catalog is not complete yet, will be soon as possible.
This site is only for promote the music and the composer.
All songs can be re-built how You need for a good result.

Norberto Mazzoni
Mazzoni Media Music

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